Kona Bass – Freeride / Slopestyle / Dirt Frame – Now Only £449

Kona Bass – Freeride / Slopestyle / Dirt Frame – Now Only £449

Kona Bass Frame w/ Marzocchi Rocco Air Shock – Only £449

Kona Bass Slopestyle Frame now £449
This is a frame made for fun. Designed for slopestyle and dirt its 100mm of travel gives you a bike which can handle the bigger stuff as well as giving you hardtail style reactions. Designed by the Kona clump riders including Cowan, you can be sure this frame is well designed and well built.
Its small size and shorter travel makes it an ideal candidate for do it all / cross over gravity stuff like 4x, slopestyle, freeride, dirt, street and park and even a bit of all mountain and DJ. Its 70deg head tube suits a 100mm travel fork with a 1.125 dia.
Various Kona Bass review gives this little thrasher good marks, maybe not as sophisticated as some newer frames but the traditional kona 4 bar linkage is easy to ride and easy to get familiar with.
Reduced from £1200 – the Kona Bass is a bargain at £449. Yes its 3 years old, yes konas are not everyone’s cup of tea, but this frame is fantastic for the price and a dependable little thrasher for the money. Konas also tend to keep there price well so should you wish to upgrade in a few years you should be able to resell with not too much of a loss.
Check her out over at CRC, if your interested though be quick as not many are left!

Check out Paul Basagoitia showing what the little Kona Bass can handle:

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