Ship your bike anywhere in the UK for under £10.00 – Great for EBay sellers

Ship your bike anywhere in the UK for under £10.00 – Great for EBay sellers

Selling a bike or frame on ebay? Having a ‘pick up only’ option on your listing really puts off a lot of buyers and means you possibly wont be getting top dollar for your bike!

As any ebayer knows there are always loads of buyers looking for deals on the UK site, many of you will have received mails asking if you will ship to far flung UK destinations – a Pick-Up only option really puts a lot of buyers off.

Absolute deal of the century is with Fastlane International who are offering to ship a 20kg bike-box with the dimensions 130cm x 80cm x 21cm to any UK destination for only £9.97 plus vat.
The service is next day and includes pick-up and tracked delivery.


Get yourself down to your Local bike shop and kindly ask if they have any old bike boxes available. Most bike shops will happily oblige as these normally get chucked out in the trade waste bin.

So if your selling your bike or frame definitely have a further look at this service!

Check out the site here!
Bikes delivered to UK for only £9.97
Fastlane International

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Here is the guide from Fastlane!
Fastlane International: How to Send a Bike
Your bike may be a smooth ride but that doesn’t make it the easiest thing to package up and send. With the fetish for new bikes, more and more bikes are being sold second-hand on eBay.

As well as selling your bike, you could be moving house or going on holiday. Now that airlines are so draconian with luggage charges, many cycle enthusiast send their bikes on ahead to their hotel or holiday accommodation.

If you are sending a bike, here are some tips to reduce the cost of your delivery and ensure your bike arrives in the condition you sent it. We have deliberately not recommended a wholesale deconstruction of the bike.

It may not be a bike engineer who is putting it all back together

1. Remove the bike’s handlebar, pedals, seat post and front wheel. Most of these parts can be removed by hand, although you may need to employ a small wrench in order to remove the pedals. If you aren’t able to remove the handlebar, turn the handles 90degrees when you pack it in the box.

2. Rotate the fork and stem so they are facing backwards.

3. Shift the bicycle chain onto the small chain ring, and the largest rear cog, before attempting to remove the pedals.

4. Secure the wrapped handlebar and other loose parts to the frame using tape and/or plastic ties. Foam tubing is even better to protect your frame.

5. Turn the right pedal counter-clockwise, and the left pedal clockwise, to unthread.

6. Loosen and remove the seat post and seat as a unit. Once removed, retighten the seat post bolt so the seat does not fall out.

7. Remove racks, drinks bottle holders, bike lights and mudguards. Wrap separately. If you are including any accessories that have batteries eg: bike lights, remove the batteries. Usually it is only ok to send batteries in their original sealed packaging. If you are sending batteries, wrap the packet separately in bubble wrap.

8. Collect all the bolts, screws etc and package together. A small cardboard box is a good idea.

9. You will need a rigid box with flaps intact. If you are lucky, your local bike shop or stores like Halfords should have bike-specific boxes they can give you. If you are using a non-bike specific box, see For further info on box strength guidelines check out our website. Fastlane International

10. Use the maximum amount of packaging or cushioning materials possible. We recommend packing chips and bubble wrap. If the bike is an expensive one and you don’t want any possibility of scratches, wrap as much of the frame as possible. For more info on packaging: Fastlane International

11. Make sure none of the bike parts are touching the box walls. This will help avoid any damage.

12. Seal your box with strong tape designed for shipping. Especially if you are sending the bike abroad as it will pass through a greater number of handling stages. Make sure the joins have enough tape to hold them securely closed, and run tape in both directions across the box and joints.

13. Make sure you label your package correctly. After all that hard work, you want to make sure it arrives where you send it. ParcelHero recommends:
Remove all existing labels and cover any old barcodes ( you may be using a second hand box)
Use a single address label with delivery and return information.
Place a duplicate address label inside the package.

14. Send your bike with Fastlane International. After all that packing you want to be sure you have a quality courier, especially if you are selling the bike.


Wiggle have a good guide on packing your bike up and also offer some great bike boxes/bags. Check it out here…

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