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Hardtail Dirt Frames

Hardtail Dirt Frames

Some great looking and performing hardtail frames available at the moment for not very much dollar at all. Great if you looking to do a build this autumn. Choose between building up a single speed thrasher or just a full do it all freerider for messing about in the woods.
These frames will do it all and more, just build them up with your chosen kit and get riding on a budget.
There is something here for every type of riding!

Sunn Season S2 AM Frame Only £120 with 60% Off. An aggressive XC (or all mountain as everyone like to say nowadays) frame that will handle some gravity abuse too.
Should handle a 100 to 120 travel fork and loops round your local woods!

Octane One Spark Frame Only £179
A balls out dirt and street frame. Disk mount on the back, although I guess a fair few riders will go brakeless on this one. Nice colour schemes and a great price for a solid dirt frame.

FireEye Shortfuse Frame Only £90 with 70% Off!
At only 90 quid this frame is a bargain. It might not be the lightest or prettiest, but its sure to handle some abuse and with more money in your pocket, get her built up with some top kit!
A do eveything hard tail frame, that will provide as much fun as you want it to!

Nukeproof Snap Frame From £349
CRC’s 4x specific frame that will put its hand to any type of riding.
These frames are already shifting like hot cakes and look amazing.

Last Raffnix Frame Only £186
Another dirt and street frame from European bigdogs Last. 3 colourways and nice subtle graphics.
A great individual looking dirt frame.

Cove Stiffee Frame Now £400
An all mountain trash box. This will take you any place you want to go and more.

NS Bikes Suburban Frame From Only £230
Dirt and street frame from NS bikes. Looks great, good geo and solid build.

 Yeti ARC Frame now only £489
The old classic from Yeti with updated geo. A XC frame that can handle some abuse. Lightweight and flickable. Get your class on with this beauty!

DMR Omen 4X Frame From £314
DMR’s forage into the 4X market, this is a speed demon with race geo. Will also handle dirt, street and freeride with ease.

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Setup® Clothing – 2011 T-Shirts

Setup® Clothing – 2011 T-Shirts

A quick look at some of the new products sent over from Setup Clothing’s 2011 range. Nice quality setup branded t-shirts with nice branding details on the neck, arm and hem. Items come well packaged up along with some stickers which is always nice! They are probably not to every mountain bike riders taste – the Setup style is a very bold and distinctive – but the t-shirt definitely brings some style to a riders wardrobe ! Everything has a fashion street-wear feeling about the products and the t-shirts are certainly a step up from the usual mtb brandwear!

Check out the stuff over at there website Setup have an online store with uk & european shipping only €3 and t-shirts at only £17 / €20!

Short beginners guide to Mountain Bikes

Short beginners guide to Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes Are Perfect Hill Heroes by Robert Sheehan

Mountain bikes are specially meant for rough and rugged terrains. These extra traction and shock absorbing mountain bicycles are provided with fat knobby tires.

However, a full front and rear suspension is becoming quite a common factor nowadays with bikes meant for mountain rides. Some bikes of this particular variety are fitted with bar ends on the handlebars, but with recent trends the use of handlebars and extensions are becoming less and less popular.

Mountain bicycles have both 26 and 29 inches wheels. The larger wheels of this bike type have better rolling capacities over rocks and boulders. Moreover, wheels, which are larger in diameter, also bring about an enhancement in rotational weight giving way to stable acceleration.

Mountain Bicycles Kings On Rugged Roads

Based on suspension, mountain bicycles are broadly graded into four different kinds:

Bikes with dual or full suspension, These bikes have front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock and linkage that is ready to make the rear wheels move on pivots

Hardtail bikes, These bikes have frames with no rear suspension and they are often supplied with front suspension forks

Soft Tail Bikes, These bikes have frames with small amount of rear suspension. The bikes are activated by flex of the frame rather than the pivots

Fully rigid bikes, These bikes have a sub-type of hardtail along with rigid fork system

The Different Types Of Mountain Bicycles

The Cross-Country Mountain Bike

This bike variety has small amount of suspension on the front or on the rear. These bicycles are comparatively light because they are constructed with lightweight materials both in frame construction and in components.

Some XC bike varieties of this particular type are without any suspension. They make use of rigid front fork that helps in saving weight. Here, the skill of the rider to pass through rough terrains is more important.

Freeride Mountain Bike

These are very similar to enduro bikes and emphasize more on weight and enhanced suspension. These bikes have ample suspension and they are mostly constructed with heavier materials. Freeride bikes are absolutely versatile and they are fantastic for uphill travel. The frame angles of such bikes are usually steeper in comparison to downhill bikes. Most freeride bikes are 30 to 45 pounds in weight.

Trials Mountain Bike

These are trial specific bikes. Most of these bikes are without any suspension. The contemporary trial bikes come without seats as most of the time the rider is out of the saddle. This bike is particularly lighter than other mountain bicycles and it weighs between 15 to 25 pounds. The lightweight makes it easier for the biker to maneuver the bike.

Single-Speed Mountain Bike

This is a kind of mountain bike with one set gear ratio. The ratio of the gear depends on the kind of terrain the bike crosses, the skill and strength of the bike rider and the size of the bike too. A single-speed bike is completely rigid having tough steel frames. If you want to ride a single-speed bicycle on mild to moderate cross-country terrains you have to be strong and active.

North Shore Mountain Bike

North shore mountain bike is genuinely constructed for rough and rugged land surfaces. A rider of this particular bike type has to exhibit lots of skill and balance while riding the bike. This bike is a wonderful combination of freeride and downhill bikes.

The other mountain bike varieties include Enduro Mountain Bike, Downhill Mountain Bike and Dirt Jumping Bike.

Most modern bikes meant for mountains have lighter and stronger frames with innovative design and form. The geometry of these bikes encourages vigorous riding over several obstacles like logs, rocks, wooden bridges and manually fabricated ramps. In the front, the bikes have three gears and it has 7, 8, 9, or 10 gears at the rear wheel position.

Some notable companies who have introduced the latest models of mountain bicycles include Fox, Manitou and Rock Shox along with other significant bike manufacturers. It is quite likely for you to make mistakes while riding a mountain bike. The mishaps generally take place due to equipment failure or misjudgment on the part of the rider.

Thus, several companies have come forward with protective gears referred to as armors to provide full protection from injuries. Some essential upper body protectors for riders include spine protector, full-face helmets and backpack hydration system.

It is quite an established fact that mountain bicycles are aptly designed following the present trend and demand. They are in fact the dream of every spirited and efficient mountain biker.

Robert Sheehan is a freelance writer and co-owner of Visit Robert And
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