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Danny Hart’s run at Mont Saint Anne

Danny Hart’s run at Mont Saint Anne

Danny Hart smashes the shit out of MSA

Ohhh that speed. My god, can you see that speeeeed!
Danny Hart absolutely supersonic down past the speed trap. On to win his second world cup in a row. Pushing 80kph on a MTB down a rocky, rucked and f***ked track!

Mens DH MTB Results (Top Ten):
1) HART Danny
2) GWIN Aaron
3) BRUNI Loic
5) SHAW Luca
10) PAYET Florent

A couple of points from the race.

Its insane to think Danny Hart is only 24!!! 24 i tell you! Seems like he has been around for ever, in fact it is 5 years since his amazing World Championship winning run in Champery!
Great thing is we should enjoy at least another 10 years of bat shit crazy DH runs from the redcar racer.

Trek’s Rachel Atherton was faster than all but 6 of the Pro Men through the speed trap. She was even faster than her brother Gee at just under 74kph!!!! She would have placed top 80 Pro Men with her winning time, on arguable the hardest and most brutal of all the MTB tracks. Massive props to her!!

Read Rachels after race rant

Check out TREK bikes here…

UK shredders Adam Brayton and Phil Atwill are consistently placing higher than a lot of big name factory riders. Surely a big big factory team will snap them up for next season? Hope Techs Adam Brayton has piloted the Scott Gambler to it highest ever finish in its history (beating the official Scott riders) this year, whilst essentially being a privateer and running out of a well stocked van. RESPECT


Pretend your Danny Hart? Want to emulate the man? Slam your hard earned cash on a Mondraker and you too can ride shit at 100mph!
Check out Mondraker in the Uk here:

Danny Hart – DH World Champion 2011

Danny Hart – DH World Champion 2011

The most amazing DH run ever?
Danny Hart wins by over 11 seconds in the rain at Champery, the worlds steepest DH track.
Even has time for a trademark whip near the bottom of the course!
Video of his winning run below.

No words….

Plus whilst most news agencies have totally ignored DH Mountain Biking once again in favour of reporting on the world rowing champs / mediocre road racing / fly fishing – finally a tiny bit of recognition as the clip makes it onto The Guardian’s (one of the UK’s better newspapers) online edition for Best Sporting video of the week.

Danny Hart in the Guardian

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