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Wellgo V8 Copy Pedals Review (£5.99)

Wellgo V8 Copy Pedals Review (£5.99)

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Wellgo V8 Copy Pedals (Long Term Test)

I have used these on my ‘do it all’ trail bike for over 18 months, it gets ridden at least once a week throughout the year. These pedals have never let me down. They offer good grip, good durability and look decent! They are £5.99, yes bloody £5.99!!!!!! So cheap you can buy load of them and fix them to random objects around the home.
Like many people, i loved the shape of the old DMR v8 & v12, these pedals are a direct copy of them. (The new shape DMR v8 & v12 are completely horrendous – so thin that your foot rests on the axle and provides absolutely no grip even with the long pins!)
They have outlived my old Shimano GR500 Saint Pedals by over a year. They have outlived my old DMR v12 pedals by 6 months. They are proper quality and get jet washed all the time (with zero shits given). The pins are nice and long and work well with waffle sole shoes or Adidas. They feel bombproof and reassuringly heavy. Don’t be put off by the reflectors shown in the stock photos, they come off easily with an allen key!
The shape is suitable for a shoe size 11, loads of grip and easy to find the pedal after a dab. Bearings run nicely with a mid pace so wont be spinning around looking to catch a shin. These are really very good and for £6 they are an absolute bargain!!

I have absolutely no idea why anyone would spend £120ish on pedals, an expensive pedal will not make you faster!

Buy Wellgo’s, be happy, save money and spend the money you have saved on something that actually will improve your riding like better tyres, cockpit setup or suspension tuneup!

Wellgo V8 Copy Pedals only £5.99 From CRC

Mountain Bike Christmas Stocking Fillers

Mountain Bike Christmas Stocking Fillers

Here are some great goodies that every mtb rider would appreciate in their christmas stocking alongside the usual satsuma, soap and chocolate gifts. If your buying for a loved one or even just for yourself, here are some low cost mtb components and accessories to trick out your bike in this festive period.
Click on the Images for more info direct at CRC!

Odi Try Lee Designs – Lock On Grips. Something every rider always appreciates to freshen up their steed! £20 at CRC
Royal Racing CoolMax Socks – Great looking performance socks from DH racing brand Royal Racing. What bike rider wouldnt appreciate these more than the usual Marks and Sparks polyester affair! 3 Pack for only £11.98!
IXS Sticker Pack – Everyone loves some stickers, great for plastering on a bike frame, helmet, tool box or van. Young or Old there is something about sticky graphics that turns everybody into a logo freak!Only £3.98!!
MuckOff Wash & Lube Kit – Great prensent for any self respecting (or should that read ‘bike respecting’) mountain biker. Get that thousand pound machine looking new again and well maintained with Much Offs wash and lube kit. Includes Wash spray, both wet and dry lube and a detailing brush. Only £19.99 at CRC with £5 off!
Nokian DH Tube – Perfect for any DH or Freeride riders out there. Everybody gets punctures, so this will sit in a tool box until the next pinchflat emergency! Stock up on them for only £7 each for the 26″ wheel version (common on almost all dh and freeride bikes).

Oakley O Frame DH Goggles – A great gift for any DH rider, definitely not the most expensive Goggle out there at only £28 but it definitely doesn’t skimp on performance or looks! Oakley are one of the worlds biggest sports eyewear manufactures and a massive name in both the MTB and MX worlds. With 15 Colourways to choose from, the O Frame is a great Goggle for any Downhiller.

DirtyHabit I Love DH T-Shirt – At £17.99 and available in 3 different colours this T-Shirt is bound to go down(hill) well with any self respecting Dher.

Wellgo V8 Copy Flat Pedals – Pedals get bashed around alot and often need replacing most often on a bike along with tires and grips. These Wellgo pedals and great value at only £11.99 they are a copy of the absolute classic (and slightly more expensive) DMR V8 Pedal – a firm favorite with many flat pedal mtb rider.
Dakine Angus Belt – Streetstyle belt from the mtb apparel manufacturer. £13.99 and available in 2 colourways!